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We believe that by using only the best of machinery, we are able to service and prepare skis to meet the requirements of our clients.

We adjust and check, with minute precision, all bindings; we use and apply the most efficient wax on the base of the skis;

We sharpen, with care, the edges of the skis....all in the hope that with a “pefectly” serviced ski you will really discover just how fantastic the sport of skiing actually is!

EDGES – the condition of the edges is paramount to the level of enjoyment of a day on snow. In order to sharpen the edges in the best way possible we use the Disc Finish technology along with the mechanics of the Wintersteiger. This process guarantees perfection of the edges but at the same time does not reduce the “longevity” of the edges. By working along the length of the ski, the edge holds it’s efficiency for longer unlike other traditional methods which shorten the “life” of the edge.


WAX – the ability to carve depends on the smooth running of the sole of the ski. Hence the saying that a well waxed ski carves effortlessly, whilst a ski that is rarely waxed has major difficulties, holds true. In one year alone, an unwaxed base can lose between 30% - 40% of it’s ability to carve.

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SKI SERVICE – if a ski doesn’t slide or carve well, it is usually due to a damaged base.  This damage requires the expertise of a professional “skiman” in order to repair the ski properly and return it to a quality “as good as new”.

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